Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Black, Green and Pink

This is a bracelet made for a friend's aunt. There was no request regarding specific colours so I took direction from the main focal bead that I found and fell in love with in my local bead shop. This bracelet has an oval black lampwork bead and two further rondelle black lampwork beads. These beads have pink flower and green detail. The bracelet also has pink, green and black glass cubes, green and pink crackle beads, pink and green glass beads and also pink and green freshwater pearls. On the main focal bead is a single Swarovski crystal.

Green Necklace

So ages ago my mentor said I should have a go at necklaces........I thought, yeah one day but at the moment people want bracelets so that's what I make. Over the months I toyed with the idea, bought some threading materials, played around a bit but didn't go any further than that. Until someone I work with asked me to make a necklace, a green necklace........so I did and here it is. It has lots of freshwater pearls, Sworovski crystals, fire polished glass beads, glass pearls, silver foil and other glass beads all in various shades of green.......and is sold!

Monday, 10 September 2007

13th Birthday Bracelet

A friend asked me to make her daughter a bracelet for her birthday after seeing a couple of bracelets at a BBQ. This bracelet has a cloisonne focal bead with a pink Swarovski crystal bicone. Also on this bracelet are crackle beads, cats eye, chech fire polish, glass cubes, freshwater pearls, glass pearls and Swarovski crystal. The main feature is a sterling silver 13 charm. A special charm for a special birthday.

Blue Bracelet

This is a blue bracelet made in the same style as the green one below. It has a blue venitian style lampwork bead with a blue Swarovski crystal bicone as the focal piece. This bracelet also has freshwater pearls, fire polish faceted glass beads, cats eye and silver foil beads. Sold.

Green Bracelet

This is a lovely bracelet with a green heart cloisonne focal bead. There are also 2 other cloisonne beads on the bracelet along with green and purple glass beads. I've used silver foil, cats eye, crackle, fire polished, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal. It's made using silver plated findings and bracelet. This has been sold.

Monday monday

Haha.......I've managed to retrive my lost photos. This I am pleased about, as not only were my jewellery photos on the card but also the pictures of 2 of my good friends weddings. I'm a happy little bunny.

It's Monday........I have a day off, this is good.

Watch this space for photos of jewellery i've made so far.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

First ever blog!

I thought I'd create a blog to show off the jewellery I make.

I first started making jewellery a few months ago to take my mind off my hectic uni course. My bank balance doesn't thank me for it but my sanity does. I do sell my jewellery but haven't actually sat down and worked out how much I make from it, whatever I earn goes right back into buying more beads!

Everything I make is made with glass beads, freshwater pearls, crystals and some gorgeous focal beads. I try not to use plastic beads but if I do it's only to complement the rest of the piece.

I'll be posting some pics soon of what I've made so far. I have lost some pictures because I stupidly erased every photo from my memory card...........clever!